Addressing Pain and Stress Through Reflexology


While I do not offer a silver bullet and a one hundred percent success, my patients usually express gratitude for the unique, in-depth evaluation of their problem and honest concern to their wellbeing and personal needs. I believe that just about all my clients have expressed their satisfaction with my services, even in cases when I was unable to help them resolve their issues.

Jim Lev has been helping people ease their pain through holistic practice and reflexology since 1991. He has four years of intensive alternative medicine studies, which were almost natural. Jim believes that the most effective way to make customers happy and satisfied is through giving a service which is based on unique thoroughness, patience, and wide and diverse medical knowledge and experience.


One of my successful projects was the case of a rather well-known NFL player for the Giants, who, several years ago, arrived at my clinic after an unsuccessful bilateral ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery. This person could barely negotiate the 3 steps leading to my practice, yet he wanted to return to playing football. To make a longer story short, after several months of intensive treatments, he was back running.

If you want to properly address your pain or stress, you can have an honest try with Jim Lev.