Better Homes for Better Lives


Your home is an integral part of your life, which is why any improvement to your property will surely benefit your whole family. Eric Kettler makes every effort to repair and beautify your house to your satisfaction.

The best part of my job is being able to give my customers the product they desire but are unable to achieve by themselves. My most typical clients are all knowledgeable about something, but just not about what they need me for. They are looking for somebody honest and trustworthy so most of the time, each initial interaction is like a job interview. People just want to be treated fairly and equally, including me! There’s nothing like seeing the smile on my customers’ faces when they see their finished space for the first time. That part of the job is priceless!

Eric is half of a father-and-son team based in Catlett, VA. They consider themselves wide-scale handymen, and they could take on bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, basement finishing, drywall installation, patching, painting, trim carpentry, and flooring, among many others.

The most important thing that I can do to make my customers happy is to listen carefully to what they want. I include them in the design process and find out as much about their needs as I can so that I am utilizing my time with them to the best of my ability. I can offer suggestions, but it’s ultimately their decision because people have different opinions and tastes. I give them what they want and make sure that I do it correctly so that the finished product lasts, and so does my relationship with them!

Achieve your vision of an ideal home. See what Eric Kettler can do for you today.

A Beautiful View of the World


Capturing the beauty of everyday life is best accomplished with a keen eye for detail and a dose of creativity. Matt Agati combines these traits with years of experience to provide you with vivid images.

I became interested in photography when I received my first camera as a gift from my parents for my fifteenth birthday. Since that time, wherever I go, so goes my camera. I decided to start my own business so that I could pursue freedom of expression while photographing the beauty of the world around me. I also get to work with people from all walks of life, which is interesting and fun.

Matt is based in Trenton County, NJ. He specializes in real estate, boudoir, and event photography, as well as product shots and headshots.

Providing my clients with more than what they expected puts a smile on their faces, and that is priceless! There’s no magic to becoming successful at what you do. It takes time, hard work, diligence, patience, and passion. You have to provide excellent customer service to build a thriving business. Photography is my true passion. I provide nothing less than what is perfect for my clients. I have no problem going above and beyond to ensure that my clients are happy with the end result.

Be sure that you will have wonderful images that would catch anyone’s attention. Book a session with Matt Agati today.

An Impulse of Inspiration

Motivational public speaker, Jaquel Pitts is like a jolt of lightning giving energy and a new purpose to his audience. His knack on personal triumph and business management sets forth his clients to a better start in aiming for the pinnacle of success.

I enjoy speaking to public schools to inspire students to become successful. Corporate employees and administrators also benefit from my services because they are concerned with reaching higher levels of success.

Long before he built his business, Jaquel has jam-packed himself with the inspiration and ammunition to master challenges and turn them into victory. These experiences are gladly and freely shared to his audience every time he has an engagement. He has motivated more businessmen and women at an annual conference in Miami, Florida. Everyone was enthused to bring their companies to be one of the Fortune 500.

[The best strategy to keep my customers happy and satisfied with my services is] creating an environment that involves positive energy on a consistent basis.

When the warning sign says it’s time to bring in some encouragement to the workforce, then, it’s the moment to consider listening to Jaquel Pitts.

Providing Painting Services


Business is in my blood and I have always been starting or running businesses. My strategy is first and foremost to produce quality work. I set proper expectations, care about the details, and communicate on a daily basis during the production of the work.

Michael Henry is an experienced construction provider who specializes in exterior painting, interior painting, pressure washing, deck staining and more. He has been in this business for about 15 years and established MDH Painting. The company does all projects as requested by the clients in a timely manner. He tries to get the work done right at the first time.

My favorite project was an exterior repaint in Williamston, MI. The house was pretty big but the customer was always around to chit chat. The customer was a great guy to know and to be around with.

Hire MDH Painting for your painting projects. They are fast, professional and accurate.

Combining Perspectives on Photography


We have a love and passion for people and photography! It is incredibly rewarding for us to capture special moments and life events that will forever be remembered by our clients. It was these desires that inspired us to form our photography partnership. There are always challenges in starting any new venture, but with a positive attitude and hard work, they can be overcome. Some of the challenges we face are building a client base, marketing our talent and staying current with the latest artistic interpretation of our art and ever-changing technology. By staying in sync with these trends allows us to continue to deliver an amazing and lasting finished product to our clients.

The clients of Behr | Richardson Photography come from different backgrounds and all walks of life. This is an aspect of their business that enriches their lives as they creatively meet the needs of each client. William Behr and Dawn Richardson give a personal touch to each and every client, forming lasting friendships beyond just a client-based relationship.

We tailor each session to meet our clients goals and ideas. Delivering a product that captures exactly what they are seeking is what differentiates us from other photographers. Also, we are highly competitive with one another. We love to see who will get the best shot of the event, and share this friendly competition with our clients!


We love gaining clients through Thumbtack. Being able to respond to a clients specific request allows us to quickly begin tailoring our services to best meet their needs. The ability to communicate through the Thumbtack messaging service makes booking projects a breeze. In addition, we are always accessible via text messages and emails so that we can immediately respond to our clients questions.

When Behr | Richardson Photography is booked, their clients get the photographic eye of two creative photographers providing two unique artistic perspectives. William and Dawn encourage a client meeting prior to the event being booked. They believe a face-to-face meeting insures that the clients desires are fully understood. In addition, building rapport early on provides the opportunity to build positive chemistry with their clients that goes a long way in capturing the best images.

The Crowning Glory Queen


Recognized as the 2013 RAW Artists Phoenix Hair Stylist, Brynne Dubin is among the sought-after hair artist in the industry. Her creative and fresh ideas make her clients self-assured that she can bring out their best looks.

I love being a hairdresser. I feel like this industry gives me the opportunity to turn someone’s day around. Sometimes the perfect hairstyle or hair color is just what someone needs to feel as beautiful and confident as they truly are.

Brynne specializes in haircut, color application, and event hairstyling. If you want your locks to bring you confidence, make them appealing with Brynne’s magic touch. Just let her know your desired look, and she will expertly achieve them with finesse.

My favorite Thumbtack project was a photo shoot I got hired to do with a local photographer named Shane Baker, who is also on Thumbtack. It was so great to collaborate with another Thumbtack professional to make someone’s photos come to life.

Transform dull coiffures into eye-catching and comfortable hairdos with Brynne Dubin Hair. You are guaranteed of world-class styling and top-notch customer service.

A Push to Success


Building his business comes naturally for John Davis. Having been raised in a family of business owners and successful entrepreneurs, it is just but typical for him to have his own fruitful venture, The Corporate Action Hero. This former stuntman and fight director has been inspiring the corporate world with his wisdom.

I provide keynotes and workshops for clients looking to take their businesses to the next level. Oftentimes work environments become stagnant or toxic. My programs break them free to reach new heights.

John’s ability to listen and get engaged with his clients enable him to know them more and their needs. Through his fun and informative talks, they are able to realize how far they can go on the ladder of success if they follow through. John empowers his clients to be more open to changes and embrace achievement like a twin.

My greatest passion is effecting the lives of others in positive ways and seeing them excel because of something I said or did during one of my programs. Often, I receive private messages after a program from individuals who just wanted to tell me privately how much they were effected.

Whether you need a talk or workshop on customer service, personal achievement or sales, John is the motivational speaker that you’ve been waiting for. He’ll surely knock you out with the feasible information he will share.

Life in Still Images


Inspired by the creative freedom in seizing moments with the camera, David Steele Photography was born. David loves pooling resources with his clients in creating one-of-a-kind images and producing them in quality prints.

It’s wonderful to collaborate with a client to craft images that are both creative and useful.

David Steele Photography has been among the sought-after New York Metro provider of interesting and memorable images for corporate employees, television celebrities, environmentalists and athletes. However, from among the sea of projects that he did, his favorites was taking corporate headshots for a client.

My favorite project on Thumbtack was a corporate headshot project done on location for Pasternak wines. The shoot came together quickly all of my subjects were great the photos were turned around quickly and they were pleased with the images.

Love the picture that you are in. Let David Steele steal your breaths away with creative and unique images.

Getting Creative with the Camera


Talented photographer Maria Petti sees to it that when she aims her camera at you, you will end up beaming with joy. She loves preserving special moments with her clients using her shutterbug skills. Quality images and satisfactory customer service are among her top priority when it comes to photography.

What I love most about my job is the response I get from my clients. When my clients are happy, it drives me to do better for the next upcoming photo sessions. It’s the people that are my primary reason why I love what I do.

Maria J Photography was born out of the love for creativity and longing for freedom. Being her own boss, Maria has found herself the independence to express herself through photography. She loves the interaction and bond she creates with her clients.

In fact, among her memorable projects was a photography commission for a couple who were wed in Jamaica. They had a reception for families and friends in their local community. She found them very warm and kind which made the assignment more of leisure than a job.

The most important thing to me is that my clients are extremely satisfied with the end product and also how they feel working with me during the sessions. My referrals are building and I attribute that towards my absolute gratitude towards them.

Whether you want maternity, newborn, headshot or wedding photo sessions, there is no one who can pull quality images that imbue real emotions than Maria Petti.

Capturing Your Best Angles


A beautiful photo is the result of not only the subject’s poses, but also the creative eye behind the lenses. Ed Esposito is a widely published photographer with over 30 years of experience.

What I love about my job is that I am able to plan, create, and deliver high-quality and precise images in many different genres, such as headshots, pets, landscapes, portraits, model shoots, commercial shoots, and event shoots. I love being in control of all facets of production, from planning studio sessions to editing and final work. I enjoy working with subjects during the planning and creation process.

Ed is based in Brooklyn, NY. He offers studio, location, commercial, and live photography.

There is no typical client per se. I photograph headshots, entertainment actors and actresses, models, corporate entities, animals, still life, landscapes, and commercial products. The type of client is dictated by the type of photo shoot.

Let an expert photographer capture your essence. Book a session with Ed Esposito today.